Renowned law firms are not only effective in the court rooms, but have effective operational systems that maximize profits so resources are available to be the best they can be at all times.

Profits fuel growth, and enable your team to win cases.

At NRTC we have helped top New York City law firms be their best for 28 years.  Here are five easy ways any law firm can increase profits, improve client access to your wise counsel, and streamline operations.

#1 – Client Data

Yes, you have a CRM system to keep track of basic client information.  But… are you truly using it to build your business?  According to a 2015 survey conducted by Ackert Advisory, 70% of all law firms have a CRM system, but only 7.3% of firms actually use it properly.

Your CRM system has limited value unless everyone, including all of your partners, is entering data and updates to client information on a daily basis as business is transacted.

You may want to consider an enterprise-level CRM, or a more basic one.  In both cases you still need to be entering data regularly to operate your business properly.  CRM utilization is a requirement, and considered a catalyst for business growth and higher client satisfaction.

#2 – Client Scheduling

Are you still requiring clients to contact your office to schedule an appointment?  Why?  There are a variety of automated tools today where your clients can simply click a link in an email or on your website to access your calendar and schedule an appointment.

Everyone is busy.  Why waste time going back and forth, and/or involving assistants and ever-changing schedules when you can simply provide people a real-time view of your calendar and let them choose the time that is best for them?  This saves time.  It shows respect for your clients.  It removes frustration and delay.

At NRTC we can help you find a solution that is best for you.

#3 Marketing

Most law firms talk marketing but do not do it well.  A 2015 PWC survey reported that although 80% of law firms acknowledge the importance of a digital marketing strategy, only 23% have one in place.

If you look at you bottom-line, most law firms make the majority of their money by referral not billboards.  It the way you provide content and insights to clients/prospects to motivate referrals that drives your business forward.  Simple activities like LinkedIn, Twitter, and newsletters are important content channels that need to be updated weekly.

NRTC is not a marketing company, however we can advise you on technologies to support your marketing activities and do have trusted resources that can develop better websites and SEO results for your firm.

#4 Staffing

A champion law firm needs the best talent on their team.  The only way to grow the business is with great employees.  Only then can your organization increase the positive impact you have on your clientele.  Part of this effort is to have an of effective marketing strategy in place that is communicating your value to your market.  Yet you need to do more.

Another important requirement to attract the best talent is to have a strong company culture and do an effective job of telling your story.  The positive impact your team is having on people’s lives needs to be communicated effectively.  This takes some work.

At NRTC we invest heavily in our culture and would be happy to share what has worked best for us.

#5 Security

Is your law firm hunting lawbreakers and bringing them to justice, or being hunted and it is an incredible injustice?

An article in American Lawyer Magazine earlier this year discussed how several prominent law firms admit they are under attack, yet many top attorneys fantasize their company’s data and computer systems are not at risk.  Here is a brief excerpt from the article:

“I think that the majority of the law firms don’t even know that they’re compromised,” said Berglas, who now leads the cyber investigations and incident response team at K2 Intelligence.  He added that law firms are traditionally understaffed in cybersecurity, compared with large corporations and banks.

Berglas said he worked with a law firm recently that faced a ransomware attack, something he said he’s seeing more and more often.  The firm did not know about the attack until the hacker sent a screenshot of the stolen data and a message that the information would be made public if the firm did not pay.  This firm opted to comply and handed over a seven-figure sum, according to Berglas.

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We have been advising high-tech startups, nonprofits, and other businesses in the DC Beltway and Maryland region for 15 years.

At NRTC, we help companies like yours wisely plan, cost effectively implement, and proactively maintain technology to ignite sales growth, employee engagement, and client satisfaction.

Whether you want to limit your IT expenditures to free up resources, or leverage technology to advance your organization, NRTC can help you get there.

Network Resource Technologies Corporation (“NRTC”) began in 2001.  Our focus is providing small-midsize corporate and nonprofit organizations cost-effective options for strategic technology planning, creative solution design, on-time implementation, and ongoing support so you can better focus on growing your organization.

Our focus is always to solve your business problems.  Often we do so with technology, but at other times, we may suggest you consider alternatives.

Today probably your technology spending is probably mostly a reaction.  For instance, a department has an I.T. need, and you fill it tactically.

We encourage you to change from reactive I.T. to proactive.  This means we help your company anticipate how to apply technology strategically.  The results are you get more from what you are spending;  painful delays that hamper growth or negatively affect customer loyalty can be avoided;  and opportunities for growth can be better leveraged.

Part of the work we do is to provide you with a strategic IT plan and roadmap that includes:

  • Business problems solved by each technology expenditure
  • Your strategic goals linked to technology initiatives
  • Current strengths and weaknesses of your IT environment
  • New technology recommendations related to specific business purposes
  • Status of Value technology-related government regulatory compliance (HIPAA, Shemale PCI…)
  • High-level two-year technology budget
  • Recent high-level security audit results

Contact us if you want to get more from the money you spend on technology – and you want your digital assets SECURE!  Don’t take unnecessary risks.  Contact Marc Wishnow, Senior Consultant at (410) 925-0303 to schedule your free security assessment immediately.