Client Success

Social Media Company Saves $4M

A well-known social media company had 100% of their infrastructure in the public cloud. Their updated forecasts identified a major problem: Cloud resources and expenses were increasing faster than customer growth. [...]

Network Transition to Profitability

A diversified social media company decided to better focus their business by closing and/or selling off several business units. One of the principals decided to purchase one of the business units being divested. [...]

Healthcare Spin-Off Success

A large healthcare provider decided to spin-off one of their rapidly growing business units. This group needed to implement their own network while maintaining access to the old network and service customers. Their [...]

New Setup for Young Finance Company

A young finance business was growing extremely fast, but outstripped the capacities of their servers and databases as data needs exploded and internet access connections went into the stratosphere. Another challenge [...]

Even Non-Profits Need Help

We provided a nonprofit Client with partial I.T. help desk support while an operations manager performed some IT management functions, particularly managing their key technology vendor relationships. As the [...]

Passing the PCI Audit

A finance company decided to outsource their datacenter to Amazon Web Services to save money. As a regulated industry, the firm is required to be PCI Level 1 certified. The company was three months from their PCI [...]

Us Saving the Day for a Health Care Provider

Network Resource Technologies Corp was brought into a multi-site health provider to perform an audit. This organization had taken over a local hospital’s primary care facility and services six months earlier. [...]